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Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with offices in several major cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, YBD Translations has always been providing Chinese language services to global clients including our long-term partners from London, Manchester, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney, Montpellier, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. 

Optimize your localization performance to reach more customers worldwide. YBD’s  Chinese language services help you by leveraging advanced, domain-specific language expertise combined with expert levels of translation, workflow and process automation.

We are the real professionals and produce the most reliable Chinese language services you are looking for.

For over a decade, we’ve been the trusted Chinese translation service provider of many world-leading organizations from all kinds of industries. Because we have the expertise to handle all document types under one roof, many enterprises with multiple divisions have chosen us for all their language needs.

At YBD Translations, we understand that you need to understand what others are saying, whether they’re clients, customers, academics, or personal acquaintances and we offer many areas of specialization from medical to legal interpreter services. If you need Chinese interpreter services真人斗牛牛 for business or for personal reasons, you can count on us to facilitate clear communications in real time. 

Holding a multilingual conference in China? Understanding will be essential to your success. Solid conference interpretation systems enable our Chinese interpreters to render the speaker’s  speech more clearly. We provide simultaneous translation equipment rental service across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzou and Shenzhen.

Already doing well in your home market? Never settle. With just a little extra effort, your sales will triple or quadruple when you target the Chinese-speaking consumers properly. With our Chinese Baidu SEO Servicesdigital marketing services, we promote your product or services in the biggest search engine Baidu and the two social tycoons Weibo and Wechat.

Language translation services for all industries!

Consumer Brands

Shout it out with a tailored consumer market language translation and localization strategy. We know how to amplify your consumer brand’s voice so that your words strike a chord in every language and in every country—ultimately helping you sell more.

Legal Translations

Our Chinese translators真人斗牛牛 are long-time industry veterans with extensive knowledge of legal translation projects. For every legal translation initiative, we source only the most highly experienced native Chinese linguists who possess required training and certification.

Manufacturing Translations

Whatever you’ve got on your assembly line, we can handle it, from packaging materials and product labels to the translation of highly technical manuals. We have vast experience with manufacturing content translation of all types within all sectors.

Medical Translations

For medical devices and diagnostics manufacturers looking to sell in China, the pressure to get products to the market is greater than ever. You need a responsive medical translation services真人斗牛牛 expert to produce multilingual product materials quickly and accurately.

Website Translations

真人斗牛牛You're high tech. Your translation partner should be, too - with expertise in internationalization and localization. Software, website, and mobile apps developed by overseas IT companies need to be given the Chinese adaptation in order to be launched in China.

Tourism Translations

The Internet has created a vibrant and competitive international travel and hospitality marketplace. Savvy travel companies know that the best way to win the business is to communicate with travelers in their native language.

Chinese language translation services trusted by clients

It exceeded expectations, I think your translation is excellent! And I will recommend your company to my colleagues.
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I can see from the Chinese to English translations you recently provided that you’re really serious about your translation services.
Chinese translation services client 2
The English to Chinese translation of Brooks Brothers magazine looks great, we’re almost ready to get it published.
Chinese translation services client 3

Chinese Language Services FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about our Chinese translation services.

Absolutely! You only need to make payments after we’ve delivered our translations, what can be safer than that? After you’ve received our translations, you can pass it to whoever you trust to spot if there’s anything not right, you can pay within a month, enough time for you to verify that our work is decent and fully communicates what is intended in the source language.

Yes, we can handle most language pairs involving Chinese.  English to Chinese translation, Chinese to English translation, Spanish to Chinese, Chinese to Spanish, Italian to Chinese, Chinese to Italian, etc.. we are also building our capability to take on many other language pairs, including English to JapaneseKorean, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Arabic, etc., for a more comprehensive language list, please go to our languages page.

真人斗牛牛The price of each translation project depends on many factors, including the type of document translation (website, personal correspondence, legal manual, medical document), the length of the text to be translated, whether or not certification is required, how many translations are required and which languages you need your project translated into or from. Generally the price is based on the word count of the source documents.

真人斗牛牛As previously noted, each project is unique, and due to a number of factors there is no way to accurately generalize the length of time that translations will require. For example, generally a Chinese translator may need 8 hours to translate a document with around 2,000 words. However poorly formatted or scanned documents may need much longer. The simplest way to decide the turnaround is to email your document to us for an estimate! 

We understand the importance of confidentiality in regards to your project, and will uphold the highest professional and ethical standards to make sure the content of your project remains private throughout all aspects of the translation services process.

We mainly accept payments via bank transfer and PayPal, however we’re ready to hear what options you would prefer and will make it as convenient for you as possible.

Need help with your language translation projects? We are experts!

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